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Inori Yuzuhira - Guilty Crown by DashaChii
Inori Yuzuhira - Guilty Crown

Oh, blooming wildflower,
Please tell me,
Why do people fight?
Hurting one another?

Dat resolution though...
I'm amazed for how little money you can get a good scanner nowadays..
It's Inori from GC! I got it on BlueRay not long ago and therefore felt motivated to draw here.
I used Polychromos as always.. took me abbout 2 1/2 hours? I think..Hope you like it. ^.^
Aoba Seragaki - Dramatical Murder by DashaChii
Aoba Seragaki - Dramatical Murder
News, news... I finally a) re-attained my pencil collection, b) got a scanner and c) started drawing again. And why not start off drawing with aoba? I coloured him my style and totally not dmmd style but oh well. :D this was more a sketch than s drawing because I did it in 1hr and then had to leave e.e Hope you like it. ^.^
Impulsive by DashaChii
That's why I usually don't upload quick sketches.. It displays my feelings right now. The character has no name and won't ever have's me right now. Trying to stay polite and kind when my emotions are the opposite.
10 minutes Charcoal on paper.. Hope you like... Or relate to it.
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: Tom Day... That man knows how to calm me down
  • Watching: Tokyo Ghoul
Now this is going to be a rant full of cursing and being annoyed but this the only site I know I can rant on without my roommate or anyone who knows her would see it... So here we go:
In October I moved to Berlin. Oh, glorious days they've been... Partying, studying, meeting tons of new people and just being a carefree student. I got along with my roommate very well. Same age, both gamers, bad at cooking... what's not to like one'd think? I mean I did already feel that she was more the stable... let's say bourgeios, girl-next-door type. But I thought it might be nice to live with someone like that rather than an artsy dartsy person like me because usually two of that kind don't mingle well together for too long. Anyway, months passed by and everything was fine... I got to know her parents and they actually seemed really chill and I got to like them and they always acted like buddies towards me.
It started all when my bipolar disorder showed and I went into a pretty depressed state (I told her about it before though). I stayed in my room, got drunk alone occasionally on weekends. She apparently told her parents.. which in itself was just a stupid thing to do. Parents worry too much when it comes to their kids. While I know that my behavior during those days to months isn't great.. I never involved her. My depressed phase passed and I went back to my bubbly, happy self. Which was apparently too late. Nobody acted differently towards me than before though. Just normal... so I thought they'd accepted it. Oh, how wrong I was. So with what followed after that it really felt like a stab in the back. With my mental problems I usually encounter three kinds of people: Those who are afraid of me, those who are fascinated/interested in learning more about ir and those who pity me. Last one being my least favourite. Her parents were a new kind. Those who dislike you for it. Well, soon enough I noticed that my roommate started distancing herself from myself and started behaving differently. I didn't think much of it. People change... And then last week she confronted me with the fact that I no longer could live with her because her parents refused to keep the rental guarantee for me. Now, my mum doesn't work at all and my Dad lives in Russia. It's pretty hard for me to set up a rental guarantee. And they know it. That's why I asked them to take care of it for me in the first place. They agreed... and now? Their reasoning was that I paid my rent too late each month. I was told in the beginning that I would have to pay it "in the beginning of every month". And so I did. It was always paid until the 5th or even before the month even began. I was never told to pay it EVERY time on the 1st nor was a contract set up So I sensed some BS there. They know how hard it would be for me to find a new place. They knew I depended on that rental guarantee. They borrowed my fucking ladder when my roommate's sister moved in next door. I was good enough for that, eh? Now me and my cat could be homeless within a few weeks. I will never in hell find a place in a metropolis like Berlin that a) is cheap enough b)allows pets c) has noone else living in it.. I was done with roomatin' and d) most importantly would let me live there without rental guarantee. I'd have to ask my dad to send his data (which is all in Russian), so I'd have to hire a translator to translate it (you can't do it yourself since you could things there that don't exist in the original), which costs roughly 150$. Like seriously guys? I then offered them to pay for 4 months in advance... so they wouldn't have to worry at all. Then they said that they didn't want to take responsibility if something happened to me. I have a light case of bipolarity. I'm not mentally confused nor disabled. I take care of myself and take full responsibility and pride in what I do. And I'm insured. That's what old people care about, sin't it? I sure as hell won't move out. I know that the next 5 months will be hell and like living alone... I don't feel like simply ignoring the fact that my roommate didn't step up for me at all. Thought we're "friends". In October I'll probably depart from my love Berlin to a smaller city. Because there people actually work their way without the whole rental guarantee. Like, you know... : People with actual common sense. You pay, you stay. You don't, you leave. I will miss Berlin and curse the fact that I'll leave right before the MMC (Mega Manga Convention Berlin)... but well. Life's sometimes a hard pill to swallow. However, dear parents, who probably just try to throw me out because you dislike me: Fuck You. Very much.


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Daria. c:
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hai There.

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Name: Daria
Current Residence: Germany
Birthplace: Moscow | Russia
Languages: German, Russian, English

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precotonejde Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, first time I just wanted to write here, that you listen to fantastic music and I appreciate it :D , but then I looked through your gallery and I must admit you are very pretty girl and also with much talent, your drawings are awesome! ;)
DashaChii Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
So do you. ~ I like Disturbed and BfmV aswell, but you can only type in a certain amount of bands. :c
Thank you, that's very sweet of you! ((: 
I looked through your gallery, too, and it's really awesome! ^.^ ~ watches back ~ I right mow sadly don't have much time to draw since I am right now applying to universities and all the nice stuff. ^.^ But once that is done, I'll go back to drawing again. I miss it a lot. >.<
precotonejde Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well that's why I covered all the bands names in "all good ..." :D
And thanks for the watch of course! ^.^
Also I want to say.. I know how you feel, if I can't draw something, my life slowly falling apart, turning to gray colors... Well that's a bit exaggerated, but it's not so far from truth :D 
I don't have much experience with universities and stuff, 'cause I didn't come to that age yet (15), but good luck and I'm looking forward for your next drawings ;)
Dodeable Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
He is really great :D (Big Grin) could you please contact me at or add me on Skype as Captain Dodeable I want an anime version of my brother for his youtube channel and his Skype. I also think it would be a great present for his upcoming birthday party :D (Big Grin) THANKS!!!!!
KoruAru Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
thank you for the fav ! :)
DashaChii Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You're very welcome. ^.^
JesseJTCruz Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hello is xsourgumx from animetycoon :)
DashaChii Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Nice to meet you. ♥ :3 
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thank you so much for the fave and the watch!:) (Smile) Hug Heart 
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You're welcome. ♥
Your art is reallz beautiful. ~
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thank you:) (Smile) your art really good too:) (Smile) 
Truthun96 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
danke für den watch :D
DashaChii Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Immer wieder gern. ^.^

justtobeyou Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you are one amazing artist, i just had to say because you draw the picture as if it were your own. you are just a really amazing artist and i really just want to fave every drawing that you have done.
DashaChii Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Awww, thank you very much. ^.^
Made my day (:
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